At what exact point in my life photography became my passion, is still unclear to me.  I think it is actually innate in my being.

Photographs I am sure struck me first.  The amazing images we kept on the coffee table in our latest National Geographic publications, with its vivid colors and far off lands inspiring my photographic imagination, or the historical photojournalism of Life Magazine.  The unbearably boring slideshows my family would sit me through, clearly developed my sense of capturing life’s real moments and not the manufactured boring still life of someone smelling a flower or looking off into the horizon. At this preschooler age, I realized what people want in their pictures.  They want real life, beauty, fun, humor, sincerity, and love to come through in the split second the camera captures the moment of their life.

It has been said that real art captures the attention of a young child.  I do believe that the honesty, and admiration of a child remains to be my strongest critic.

I would be honored for you to invite me in to your life and capture its’ defining moments.

Cathy Galusha